Sustainable Travel Myanmar: How to be a responsible Tourist

Posted on Mon January 13, 2020.

Have you ever travelled in sustainable way. What does sustainable travels mean to you? You may think travelling in sustainable way is easy but when you actually do that might be difficult.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable Tourism was defined by the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in 1988: “Sustainable Tourism meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. It is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems.”

Our planet gave us beautiful places, full of ancient treasures and the ultimate value of attraction. We are sharing such a beautiful world and we also must preserve the world to still beauty. Travelling became a popular way to spend one’s holidays to relax and explore new things. Travelling has numerous positive impacts on tourism and can also have a negative impact. So we need to avoid or minimize the negative impacts of tourism to become more sustainable.

10 ways to travel in sustainable

You may live sustainable at home but how about when you travel? We have wasted the beautiful nature of the attitude of irresponsible traveller. However, we can work towards more sustainable travel. The more we choose a sustainable way of travel, the more our world becomes better and greener. Here are some tips for travel in a sustainable way,

Choose the best sustainable ways of Transportation

Transport is responsible for the largest environmental impact of your entire holiday. Transport is mostly based on fossil fuels and burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change by the emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Nowadays, we are suffering from climate change that an increase of average temperature, melting of glaciers and polar ice and sea-level rise day by day. 

You need to take a variety of transportation when you travel. But choose the best sustainable transportation. However, taking the train or bus is the more sustainable option than flying or driving a car but it depends on your route.

Take direct flights wherever possible

Consider direct flights wherever possible. Short flights are not able to follow the shortest route to reach their destination. During the flight take-off and landing that create the highest carbon emissions. That’s why you should choose a direct flight and avoid changes or stop-overs wherever possible.

Fly with environmental class

Always choose economy class rather than business class or first class which means you have more space per passenger. The more you take the space the more occupancy levels of their planes and this can have double the carbon footprint. So take the economy class that is better for the environment and also your budget.

Stay long vacation

One longer journey is better for the environment than several short trips to distant destinations. Instead of visiting short city by flight, just take one long journey. Travel fewer places and spending more time in each.

Use the most sustainable form of transport when you are at your destination

Use green transportation wherever you go to reduce carbon footprint. You can walk or take the bike and use public transportation to get around near sightseeing with your location. That will you experience a deeper sense of excitement and that will decrease your carbon footprint and also you can save money.


The accommodation type is a key element in the tourists’ holiday selection: hotels, apartments, cottages, campsites. When you choose the accommodation for your vacation, you should consider the hotel’s sustainability initiatives and find out the hotel which has a recycling program, use local food and sourced materials.

Take responsibility everywhere you go

Hotel use a higher amount of energy, so when you leave the room, always remember to turn off all lights, Television and Aircon. Take shorter showers, avoid tap running when you shampoo or brush your teeth.

Say no plastic wherever you go

Plastic bottles and bags will take hundreds of years to break down. Bring your own reusable bag and use reusable water bottles.

Support local economy

Spend your money in local accommodation, restaurants, cafes and locally made crafts and souvenirs. Locally made crafts and souvenirs are not always cheaper but you will get the experience of meeting with locals, feel like local people and you already contributed to the local economy by purchasing them.

Visit Community Based Tourism

Community tourism will involve you being hosted by a local in their home as they go about their day-to-day lives. That offers you the opportunity to fully experience the culture of the community, to learn different traditions, connect with local people and completely immerse yourself in a new culture and into local life. That also brings opportunities for both social and economic growth in regions.