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Why Travel With Us?

Tailor Made Tours

Our tour operators are willing to provide your personalized itinerary depends on your preferences and your unique travel style. You can create your passion and preferences with our customized tour. We all are already to design your entire holiday, your precious time to get unforgettable travel memories and to enjoy the trip when you are in Myanmar.

We are Destination Experts

Lucky Treasure Travels has a developed team of professionals and passionate who are having experience and extensive understanding of every itinerary that we offer. Our multifaceted team of operation and guides has gained expertise in ground handling and quality control. Our team understand the client’s specific needs and committed to providing the best quality and services for you.

Unforgettable Experiences

We specialize in unique tours, providing you with reliable, safe, comfortable travel experiences and creating unforgettable memories of travelling within the golden beauty of Myanmar including the glittering gold of thousands of pagodas and temples where the most devout Buddhist places on earth, pristine white beaches, the ways of the local life and local cuisine in our destinations and especially with our greatest services.

We're Responsible

We care about the impact of travel and aiming for a style of travel that makes the ambience a better place. We reduce the carbon emissions in our offices and in the destinations, we visit and create a positive impact everywhere we travel. We give back to the community, 1% of the profit to make positive contributions to the conservation of animal welfare and develop projects to support local needs as well as environmental protection activities.

We're Committed to Quality

Lucky Treasure Travels always pay attention to details of the key of quality and our professional highly trained staff really love to serve what you desire. We value on sustainability and always providing an amazing travel experience for everyone in a sustainable way. When you travel with us, all that you need to do is just relax, get experience, knowledge and enjoy the moment on your vacation. We will take care of every detail of your time to travel with worry less.


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