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Pyay it was called Prome after the British occupied Myanmar. It is located 285 km north-west of Yangon. It is a major trading zone where all the products from Rakhine State and trade from lower and upper part of the country. Pyay is easily accessible by road or rail and a gateway city to Rakhine State, across the Ayeyawaddy River. Pyay is also an ancient capital of Pyu Kingdom (Sriksetra). Sri Ksetra was the capital of Pyu Kingdom and more ancient than Bagan. It was florished between 5th to 9th century known as Thayekhittaya. It was built on a site some eight-km from Pyay (formerly Prome) and the tall conical Pagodas can still be seen. Sri Ksetra was established by king Duttabaung. One can see 9 gateways of the city which remain nowadays. The city was build an oval shape by seeing the ruins of the old wall.

The interesting places in Pyay (The Prome) are Bawbawgyi Pagoda, the earliest style pagoda in Myanmar; Bebegyi Pagoda – the earliest tample style pagoda ; Hmawza Pyu Archaeological Museum; Se Htat Gyi (10 level) Gigantic Buddha Image, Shwesandaw Pagoda; City wall of Sri Ksetra.

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