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Pyin Oo Lwin (formerly called May Myo) is one of the most famous Hill Station of Myanmar. At 1040 meters above sea level Maymyo is famous for it’s climate weather, used to be a popular hill station during colonial days. Surrounded by low hills within a area of approximately 30 square km, the area is dotted with pine trees, eucalyptus and silver oak. Coffee, vegetables and strawberries are grown on the slopes of the hills. Maymyo impresses with its many churches, colonial styled buildings with gables, turrets and chimneys etc. Horse-drawn royal carriages still play major role in transport means. Maymyo maintains a botanical garden of 432 acres, laid out by Sir Harcourt Butler, former Governor of Burma.This beautiful resort is situated only some70 km away from Mandalay. Some of the highlights are enormous waterfalls-Pwe-kauk, Dat-taw-gyaik, the famous Botanical Garden and the Chinese Temple, Peik Chin Myaung Caves, Ani-sakan Waterfalls and Goteik Viaduct. Pyin Oo Lwin is the favourite place for nature lovers, photographers, artists, and movie makers. Besides, it is also on the way to the border towns of Lashio and Muse.

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