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Mrauk U, is the ancient capital of Rakhine Kingdom State founded in 1430 AD and flourished till 1785. It was first constructed by the Rakhine King Min_Saw Mon in 1430 AD, and remained its capital for 355 years until 1785 when the Rakhine Kingdom ceased to exist as a separate entity, and became an integral part of the Myanmar Kingdom. Mrauk U certainly abounds with historical, cultural and natural interests. The four periods of the Rakhine history stretched from the Dhanyawaddy to the Vesali, then to Le Mro and finally Mrauk-U periods. Capital of the Rakhine. Mrauk Oo is reached by a 5 hour boat trip along the Kaladan River from Sittwe(Akyab), which is 90 minutes by air from Yangon.

Mrauk Oo is noted for its fort-like temples and pagodas of stone and brick, and for its statuary and relief, which are distinctive. Mrauk U have many historical sites such as the Mrauk Oo old palace site and ancient pagodas principally Shitthoung Pagoda, the most magnificent pagoda; Andawthein Pahto, which built in 15th century; Htokekan Theindawgyi; Koethaung Pagoda, which in into a cave containing 90,000 pagodas; Yadanabon Zedi and Laymyetnar Pahto; the old city of Vesali, old capital of Rakhine, it is far from 8km to the north of Mrauk U and Mahamuni Buddha Image at Kyauk Taw town offers a glimpse into the Rakhine history.

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